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Interactive Wall Screens

ABI’s commitment to Interactive products and involvement in technology development goes back almost 10 years to the early Interactive Whiteboards. Understanding the limitations of IWBs and the potential of flat panel technology, ABI formed a Joint Venture with a Chinese technology company in 2010 to develop & manufacture touch screen LED TVs. ABI has been selling these products for 4 years but now that the technology and product design can match anything available in the world, the ASTRALVISION brand has been launched to focus on the Interactive product range rather than the full audiovisual range that the ABI brand offers.

The latest range offers 10-points of writing touch (32-point touch), built-in OPS PC connectivity, antiglare glass, modern attractive design, and responsive touch technology. Click on picture for more information.

The announcement by the Australian Government in May 2013 that they were re-allocating 126 MHz of the UHF frequency band for use by 4G mobile networks. This frequency range (694-820 Mhz) was the most popular range for wireless microphones & necessitated a major re-assessment of wireless microphone technology & audio in general by ABI. We had been frustrated with UHF technology for some time as HD TV broadcast & more competition in the UHF range was resulting in more common interference issues. Rather than following most companies & using the remaining smaller UHF frequency range for the same amount of traffic with obvious consequences, ABI started work on developing 2.4 GHz wireless microphone technology.

2.4 GHz offers better results and less interference because of a world convention banning the use of broadcast in 2.4 GHz range. The re-think enabled us to develop microphone designs to establish new design thinking. Why must we have a large & heavy hand held microphone that it not convenient to use? Why can’t we have a small microphone that fits in the palm of your hand or fits in your pocket? Most mics are made for karaoke & not PA - we need better voice pick  up from a longer distance. The resultant product has proven to be a technology breakthrough and as a result, it seemed stupid to put such great technology in old speaker designs with limited modern features. As a result, a full range of new speaker products suitable for use with wireless microphone technology is being developed and a new brand range (Orator)  was appropriate. Click on picture for more information.

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