New collaborative touch screen software for corporate board rooms - Snowflake Business 4.11

In the digital era, multi-user touchscreen software Snowflake Business gives you collaboration tools that are easy to use and help to improve the way you work.

Captivate your audience by delivering memorable presentations. Reduce decision making time and cost by collaborating more efficiently. 

Connect multiple devices. Share information and discuss in real time.

Being effective has never been this easy.

Nuiteq released version 4.11 of Snowflake Business, the collaboration software for corporate board and meeting rooms


The software is compatible with any interactive whiteboard (IWB), projector and flat panel display.

Below is the release notes of Snowflake Business 4.11: 

- Added support for transferring files over a network to other Snowflake Business or Snowflake MultiTeach®  users (You can send files from Media over the network to other computers running Media, Presenter, Stage or PDF)
- Added support for accented characters when using on-screen keyboard
- Improved text handling in Whiteboard
- Improved PDF support in Nodes
- Improved how submenus are handled in Zones
- Fixed sending Powerpoint files to Stage
- Fixed UI issues and improved stability of Instagram widget
- Fixed various issues with widgets
- Fixed various issues in Configurator
- General bug fixes and performance improvements


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