Software Designed to Make Every Classroom Interactive

RM Easiteach Next Generation is designed to help you create and deliver motivational and engaging lessons. The tools within Easiteach are rich and powerful but easy to use, removing barriers and allowing you to make the most of your existing hardware. Easiteach can be used with or without interactive technologies — allowing for maximum flexibility and leverage of investments in teaching technologies. Easiteach has been designed to support all lessons and is useful in any educational setting, regardless of student age or ability. Built-in widgets and multimedia assets in a range of topic areas help fuel ideas and bring lessons to life. You and your students can use Easiteach to create multi-model activities that can include animation, video, sound, text, numbers and hyperlinks all on one page.

Key Features

Multi-language — Easiteach Next Generation will be available for users in a wide variety of languages, with settings easily changed depending on which language you want to work with.

Handwriting and Shape Recognition — Write words or draw shapes freehand and Easiteach’s writing and shape recognition tools will recognise your markings.

Multi-touch — Supports object manipulation on multi-touch devices.

Record sound and video — The ability to record sound and video directly on to a page. Using the media bank you can also capture images, record sounds and record videos using external hardware, such as microphones or digital cameras, and add them to your page and your personal media bank.

Text-to-speech capabilities — Type letters, words and sentences on to a page and listen to them being read back to you. This feature will be available in a wide variety of languages.

Multi-device — Easiteach works on all interactive technologies. This means that no matter what equipment is used in your school, Easiteach can ensure consistency for training, teaching and sharing resources. The ability to import and export Easiteach documents as common file format files also means you are not restricted by the software

Widget bank — Access a range of constantly updated mini-applications bringing you a growing bank of added extras such as calculator, clock, periodic table, protractor, picture reveal, dice, random item generator, navigator and more. There are currently 20 widgets available in the bank with more to be added with each new release!

Media bank — Easiteach’s localised and searchable media bank comprises over 4,500 curriculum-based resources including over 70 videos.

Easily-accessible toolbars — Designed to make the functionality you want easier to find and aid cross-curricular use.

Numeracy tools — e.g. number lines and number grids.

Language tools — e.g. close tool, remove punctuation, and word wallet.

Content packs — Easiteach comes with a range of content as standard, such as templates (e.g. writing frames, mindmaps, number lines etc), diagrams (e.g. Venn diagrams and flow charts etc), lesson aids (e.g. grid overlays, timelines, fractions, shapes, symbols and speech bubbles etc) and activities (e.g. wordsearch, crossword, map builder and fraction wall etc). You can use this content as it comes or adapt these ideas to create your own innovative resources.

Demonstration Videos
Teaching Benefits

• Engage students and bring lessons alive by incorporating videos and animations into your classroom presentations.

• Keep students motivated and focused on a task for longer by using the whiteboard interactively, allowing all students to        get involved in the lesson.

• Transform teaching and learning by creating lessons in various modes suited to different learning styles and needs. Even      add additional peripherals such as electronic microscopes or digital cameras and scanners.

• Enhance student understanding of concepts and processes by using visual and animated models to demonstrate.

• Improve student retention by using eye catching and rich multimedia such as videos or interactive Flash activities as part      of your teaching.

• Encourage effective questioning, group discussion and collaboration by using the range of interactive tools.

• Easily and rapidly customise learning objects from a range of existing content and adapt it to the needs of the class in real    time.

• Customise text for your students with simple narration tools using a sound recorder.

• Improve students skills in numeracy by using number lines, grids and other mathematical tools and widgets.

• Improve efficiency by sharing interactive lessons and activities with other teachers via the Easiteach World site:            


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