ABI Interactive Kiosk

ABI Interactive kiosks use the latest IR PCB technology for a very fast response to finger touch. The kiosks are driver free for Windows OS and offer dual touch operation.


Safety and security have been built into the design. The kiosks are designed to be used with NEC commercial displays. The Kiosk has 3 fans fitted for efficient cooling; the fans are rated for 100,000 hour operation and cool air is drawn in at the base of the kiosk and exhausted at the top rear of the panel. The fans are automatically turned on whenever the kiosk is in operation. The kiosk can be bolted down and the two access panels have a master key to operate both doors.


All kiosks have space to install a PC or OPS modules. Rear access panels allow quick and easy access to swap out or upgrade OPS modules if required.


Design has been a key aspect of the Kiosk’s design. The full length safety glass front panel is elegant, provides good security to the Kiosk contents & is easy to clean and maintain. Aluminium decorative uprights complete the stylish appearance. The infrared touch technology is mounted in the perimeter frame to ensure users cannot access or damage the technology.


Available as standard in 42” or 55” sizes; other sizes can be manufactured to custom order. 


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