PradoP Motorised Screens

High quality IMAGE screen with rounded aluminium case, built-in RF and IR remotes plus 12V relay trigger control. Adjustable track wall mounting brackets (ceiling brackets optional); available in 4 formats; matt white front projection fabric or rear projection fabric; extra top black border for adjustment if required. Available in sizes up to 3m horizontal. Custom wall switch available which can be used as a dry contact for control purposes.

Econoelectric Motorised Screens

Economical IMAGE screen with inline control & power plug. Can be used with external ABIREMOTE1 wireless remote if required. Matt white fabric only. Wall or ceiling mounting via end caps.

Targa Motorised Screens by Draper

The wall- or ceiling-mounted, Targa electric projection screen is a popular choice for auditoriums, conference and lecture halls, hospitals, hotels, boardrooms, and churches. Housed in a pentagonal steel case with matching endcaps that form universal mounting brackets makes installation of the Targa easy, whether wall- or ceiling-mounted. This free-hanging, fiberglass-backed projection screen maintains flatness thanks to the weight of the screen and bottom dowel. The motor is mounted inside the roller providing a clean, low-profile appearance.

Motor Screen Accessories

ABIREMOTE1: External wireless remote supplied with both RF and IR remote controls. Also has connections for 12V relay trigger control of screen. Can be used with any brand of screen.

ABITRIGGER: Wireless transmitter device that is connected inline with any projector. When the projector is turned on, a wireless 12V relay trigger is sent to the screen (must be either Prado screen or screen fitted with ABIREMOTE1).

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