Perceptual Skills

Specifically designed and developed to stimulate children in a playful and creative way.

This Perceptual program consists of subsections and each of them develops a specific learning skill. Each activity consists of different difficulty levels, providing the child with the opportunity to progress at his/her own pace and according to individual abilities. Visual and auditory guidance and rewards make this program very child-friendly. It motivates them to proceed to master skills that they lack or battle with, by playing around with different characters in a sea full of adventure and games. Perceptual skills form the foundation for a child’s learning and Perceptual Skills is specifically designed and developed to stimulate children in a playful and creative way

The aspects being dealt with include:

• Visual conceptual skills

• Visual discrimination

• Visual sequencing and closure

• Visual and auditory memory

• Visual analysis and synthesis

• Visual observation and distinction

• Colour and form recognition 

• Perceptual consistency

• Foreground background recognition

• Mathematical concepts and relations

• Concentration and association

• Spatial perceptions

• Sizes, proportions, succession

• Problem solving

• Reasoning skills and decision making

• Language skills and alphabet

• Hand eye co-ordination

• Reasoning and classification, etc.


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