New Snowflake MultiTeach® 6.3 Focuses On Teacher’s Instructional Needs

What's New in Version 6.3?

- Added a new Explore screen to the Lessons app


When opening the Lessons app, teachers arrive in a beautiful main user interface that was redesigned for better user experience. Here teachers can easily explore and access different types of lessons from the MultiTeach Lessons Community. These lessons are created by our Global Content Department of teachers as well as teachers from around the world, who are members of the MultiTeach Lessons Community.

The content you’ll find here covers different age groups. There’s content for Primary Education as well as Secondary Education. Various subjects are included as well. You can find lessons suitable for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), Geography, Literature and more.


- Updated the Lessons app main user experience 

The Lessons app now has a new and improved search. Teachers can search by standards, through the lessons they created, or through the Favorites category.

- Added remote controls for desktop screen sharing for Windows-based computers

Teachers can now control their Windows desktop when screen sharing it to Snowflake MultiTeach. 

- Added macOS screen sharing and interactability

Teachers can now screen share from macOS and can also remote control it from Snowflake MultiTeach.

Screen sharing allows you to interact with Snowflake MultiTeach with the help of your iOS devices such as an iPhone or iPad or a Windows/macOS computer; you can share it either full screen or in a Zone.

- Added in QuickSearch: Show Secondary Education content suggestions when a search in Primary Education gave no result and vice versa

When teachers use the Primary Education version of Snowflake MultiTeach, and they execute a QuickSearch, if there is no lesson related to their search that is suitable for Primary Education, they will receive suggestions with suitable Secondary Education lessons. This way, teachers can get inspired and easily edit a Secondary Education lesson to make it suitable for Primary Education.

- Added the ability to make tags rotatable in 8 directions

We made the tags rotatable in 8 different directions, giving the teachers more freedom of creativity.

- Added support to the Quiz lesson type for more characters

We develop our software based on teachers’ and partners’ feedback. A frequent request was to give more flexibility in terms of the number of characters the questions and answers in the Quiz lesson type have. In Snowflake MultiTeach 6.3 we increased this limit so that teachers can now use longer text for the questions and answers of a quiz.

- Added support in the Arrange lesson type for sound

When creating or editing an Arrange lesson type in the Lessons app, teachers can use sounds to pair them to the items of the lesson. This capability comes in response to the needs of hearing impaired students

 - Added a Greek keyboard layout

 - Added a Cantonese keyboard layout for China

Teachers can now choose between Fill, Stretch, Center, Fit or Tile background options.

- Added five different background options in the Lessons app for every lesson type

- Added in the Bugs lesson type in Lessons, an option to pick different bugs for your lesson from three options

 - Added a confirmation screen for large displays where teachers can confirm that a Screen Sharing connection is allowed

- Added options to allow for adding Age Group, Subject, and Country directly to the lessons

- Added certain bookmarked items in the Browser to appear in the Bookmarks in the main menu

- Improved default lessons to now be updated with embedded videos, a description of instructions for that lesson, standard keywords, and links to other resources

- Improved Lesson app loading time

- Improved Snowflake MultiTeach closing down speed

- Renamed the Show app to Connect

- General improvements and fixes


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