A Splitter or Video Distribution Amplifier is a device that accepts a single input and provides this same signal to multiple isolated outputs. A splitter is used where there is a single source signal but it is required to be displayed on several different displays. This device is commonly used in retail situations such as a Sports Bar where the same sports signal is to be displayed on various displays in different areas of the Bar. The Splitter contains an amplifer to boost the signal strength so that each of the outputs is as strong as the original input signal. ABI has 2 models of HDMI & 2 models of VGA splitters available.


A Switcher device allows a user to select which of several input signals will be output to a display. These are commonly used in Home Theatre where there may be several signal sources (DVD, Satellite receiver, TV tuner, Cable TV) and the user wants to select which source will be displayed. ABI has 2 models of HDMI switchers available.


In addition, ABI has 1 model of a Matrix switcher available. This device combines the function of splitters & switchers, and allows for up to 4 signal inputs, that can be selected to go to up to 2 display devices.


An Extender is a pair of devices with a built-in amplifier and power source that allow a signal (HDMI or VGA) to be extended long distances. Long cables can cause instability of HDCP and blinking on the screen, due to the weakened DDC signal that HDCP requires. The devices are connected in close proximity to the source and display device, and the devices are connected by Cat5 or Cat6 cable. The use of Cat6 cable will almost double to distance achieved without interference compared to using Cat5. The are some devices (Active USB Extender) where the amplifier is built in line with the cable to be able to extend the signal to a greater distance than possible with cable only.


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