Wall Plates

These wall plates use standard Australian wall plate size and have a fixed set of data and audiovisual connectors. Quick and easy solution for the majority of connector scenarios. All connectors are push in on both sides for quick & easy installation.

Keystone Wall Plates

The standard size Australian wall plates (6up, 4up, 3up, 2up, 1up) can accept keystone modules in any combination - Push-in front and rear connectors. There are a full range of connectors available to suit data, audio & video applications. An alternative wall plate is available which combines a pre-set VGA socket with 4 keystone slots.

Modular Wall Plates

The standard size Australian wall plate accepts 3 of modules of different configuration. Most modules have screw in rear cable connection making them ideal where there is limited wall cavity access & only the cable can be installed requiring later termination. Full range of connectors available.

Desk Boxes

Desktop Connector boxes are ideal for use in desks and floor cavities. Connectors are all “push in” (on desktop and underneath) for quick and simple Installation. The installed desktop connector module is neat and simple - a push in the centre of the top panel will open the panel and the next push will then lock it closed. The operation is controlled by a hydraulic spring.


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